Feb 18, 2010

Feb 18, 2010
Thanks to all the friends who showed up at the airport - we were so surprised to find out how many have been following the blog for 2 years. You all are great!

Elder Nowland and His Friends

Elder Nowland and His Friends
We've Been waiting for you.

15 February 2010

Last email

The Last Sunday in the Czech Republic

The last city
Elder Nowland
served in...
Ceske Budejovice

and Elder Nowland
- she is his Czech "mom".
Her son served a mission in Arizona.
She sends pictures to us here at
home when he forgets.
She lives in Prague but went to
Ceske Budejovice to say goodbye
on his last sunday. We love her so much.
Elder Nowland's last email home:

I have pondered over my thoughts, and what i should write.
I have erased three times already.
I love these people. I am not ready to leave them.

I have learned to love their great qualities and learned to help them in their weaknesses and appreciate the progress that they make. No one can replace your family. But it is also very difficult to replace the people that you have served for the past 2 years of your life. A human heart in all honesty and truth grows close to the person/people that it serves. I stand by what i wrote last week, that if anyone needs to strengthen a relationship or overcome bad feelings towards another, then they need to serve that individual.

I love these people.

I have my second family here.

Serve those in your branch or ward and i promise that those people will become your second family. That is why we call each other brother and sister. We are family. If we dont feel that way, then let us pull up our socks and get to work serving.

I cant wait to see you. The flight home is going to be very difficult for me. I am going to be lost in thoughts of sadness and joy.

I love you all.

(p.s. they cant take my tag away from me. I will fight to the death for it.)

-- Starsi Morgan Nowland