Feb 18, 2010

Feb 18, 2010
Thanks to all the friends who showed up at the airport - we were so surprised to find out how many have been following the blog for 2 years. You all are great!

Elder Nowland and His Friends

Elder Nowland and His Friends
We've Been waiting for you.

30 December 2008

26 December 2008

So i just talked to you all not too long ago, about 2 days ago. that was awesome im so glad that we got to speak. By the way the way to say merry christmas here is, "Vesele Vanoce!" but as you know i am doing really quite well. it was a shame that i had to have you all call earlier. It would have been neat to talk to grandpa. You can send him love from me. Im truly grateful for the conversation we had it was very uplifting for me.

This mission as you have probably noticed has changed me quite a bit. i have truly learned that charity and love are two very important things. Im trying to take upon myself the characteristics that Christ had. And as i have learned about these two in particular, charity and love, i have felt the power that these two qualities hold, especially when you show these towards others. Im having a lot of fun out here. It is harder during the holiday season to be away from home, but time moves quickly, and before i know it ill be saying that i want to go back and serve my mission again. That knowledge gives me motivation to continue on giving my all.

Let me know when you all get my package i sent. i guess it'll be sometime after you return home from grandpa's. Im currently at a loss for words of what to write or say seeing as how we just spoke. Well like this, I love you all so much i thank you for being prepared and willing to listen to the missionaries that taught you and brought you unto the gospel. If it were not for the decisions that both of you made, then i would not be here today in the czech republic. Thank you dearly for that.

Vy jste neco uzasneho a nemohu chapat jak drahocenny jste mi. Nepral bych si abych mel nejakou jinou rodinu. uz vidim jak spatne mluvim anglicky. Je to vtypny. Mam vas moc rad. You are something amazing and i cant grasp how priceless you are to me. I would not wish to have any other family.

I am already seeing how badly i speak english. its funny. I love you all so much. Take care and have fun this holiday season. s laskou___with love,your son ,morgan

15 December 2008

15 Dec 2008 - It snows here - ALOT

Hello family of mine I hope you are all doing wonderful im really getting excited for this holiday season. It is going to be amazing. I know you all are excited for christmas and when you get to call!! And you are in luck because i have the information today, for what you will need to do to call.

But by means of the work, things are going swimmingly, i want to thank you for all your prayers. Missionary work here is going through ups and downs. In some areas missionary work is going very well, wereas in other areas it is currently struggling, nevertheless we are seeing an overall increase in baptisms here in this country. We currently have 4 baptismal dates that we are now working with in our area of Liberec. It is a lot of work, and very hectic. Im am very pleased though that the Lord has chosen my companion and i to be here to carry out this work. It is interesting to reflect back on my own life and to see and ponder about the kind of individual that i was. The Lord has truly opened my eyes to what i truly am capable of doing, i even remember how i would not dare walk in a gas station by myself to use the bathroom, because i was so shy and afraid to talk to people. But the Lord has strengthened my weaknesses and turned them into strengths, but the Lord can do this with anyone of his children. The Lord will open the eyes of those who are first willing to rise up from their beds, He is willing to give the words to speak to the person who is first willing to open his mouth. Its amazing the things that i have seen here since ive been on my mission, but nothing that i have seen is anything that could not have happened before i came out, i simply did not have the faith, nor was i willing enough to do my part. We must do our part and then the Lord does the rest.

I love you all, you have been an amazing example to me. I love your letters, they always give me the strength to continue on and to continue working. My time here is running out. I must hurry and do all i can. Im beggining to think that two years is two short....maybe ill ask for an extension...? Just Kidding mom...hehe, but i do need to work harder to accomplish the goals that i have set. I love you mnoho krat.

Here are the questions:

How is it going with Elder Briggs? he is a great companion, loves to speak czech and really wants to learn and have success. I have been blessed with a wonderful companion.
How is his Czech? his czech is better than mine was at his age in the mission.
Have you had the Czech Food (or slovak) Halusky? yup i know how to make halusky from scratch. Ill make it when i get home.
What is your favorite Czech Food so far? Svickova definately.
Are you still having Christmas there (at the Toplansky)? on the 24th we will be at a members home, the 25th for lunch i will be at the toplansky.
Is it getting colder? much it is on average about -2 degrees celcius, not too too bad. but plenty cold for a hawaii born florida raised boy.
Has your christmas box arrived yet? not yet that i know of but im not in prague they are going to do a christmas run for all the missionaries and take all of them their packages for christmas

welll family i love you and wish you the best christmas holiday. Are whitney and Jeff coming down for the holiday? Take care of yourselves i love you so much.

Your son
Frosty the Morgan

08 December 2008

08 Dec 2008

Well i must say that this week was a pretty decent one. I was in Prague and Brno on thursday and then on friday. that was tons of fun, it is always great to be surrounded by friends, whenever we talk to people on the streets, sometimes we will ask them what is the most important thing for them in their lives, and a lot of times we would get the answer that friendship is really important to them. I think that friendship with those people that have the same standards as we have is a really great thing to have. When a person can sit down with a great friend and discuss those things that are most important to them, that there is a truly great feeling of comfort and happiness. Surround yourself with those people that you can have this sort of relationship with, with people that you can talk to about the gospel and about the mysteries of this life and the life to come, people with whom you can talk to about families, and standards. There amoungst those people will a person feel a greater sense of self worth and greater happiness.

I love you family. time for questions:
How is everything this week? Doing very well, still pumped and ready to go.
Is everyone getting ready for Christmas? yes they are we have a gigantic christmas tree on our town square (namesti)
Are the members totally excited to see success and are they pumped about missionary work? yes they are very excited and are really getting involved.
How is your new southern boy companion? he is very nice and super great. this will be a good transfer.
What are his interests? He had a scholarship to play basketball at a private college in north carolina
What did he participate in - in school? basketball, he is very good.
What city in North Carolina is he from? Goldsberg
Do the Thorlos socks keep your feet warm? for the most part, i need new sneakers because my feet freeze in the little vans i have.
When is your next trip to the Mission Office? this tuesday
Do you feel the Christmas Spirit over there? not as much as i would at home, home is what makes christmas special not neccessarily the trees or snow or any of those things, just being home is what is awesome
How much time do you get to talk this Christmas? not sure yet probably just an hour
What are your plans for Christmas Dinner? the 24th we are with members having dinner. and the 25th we are going to be at erik and anna's for lunch!!!

Family you are amazing i love youu soo much and wish you the best this christmas. Start thinking about new years resolutions, and make plans to make them happen!!!!

Ill talk to you next week.

love your son Morgan

02 December 2008

01 Dec 2008

Are you EXCITED!!!!!!! to know what is going to happen? So im staying in Liberec and getting a new companion. His name is Elder Briggs. He is in the same MTC group as elder Hatch, my current companion, and he is from the south, i think from North Carolina, so we are going to be having some southern blood coming into the Liberec North area which is going to be a lot of fun. Im really excited about that. From what i hear Elder Briggs is one of those good Southern Grown missionaries. This past week was very exciting. We had two baptisms, and were still able to maitain a high standard with teaching member lessons. We had 21 so we were just 9 short of last week which is a.ok in my book seeing as how we were able to help two others enter the waters of baptism. Thank you for letting me know about the letter you shared that really means a lot to me. I truly hope the members all know that they can do whatever they set theirs minds to, especially when that involves missionary work. I'll tell you something, I talked a lot about faith and fire in my last letter and how that helps to bring more people into the gospel, but there is something else they we can do to go along with that and it is called expectations. The Lord wants us to develop our skills and to be obedient unto his commandments. He has promised us over and over again that if we are obedient unto him that he with bless us with limitless numbers of blessings. We can all take those blessings he has promised us and as we are faithful and obedient, we can expext the Lord to do things. This past week as missionaries as we have been obedient and faithful, and we have gone out finding, expecting fully that he will lead us to those who are prepared, expecting fully that we will find that person and teach them the gospel and invite them unto christ, and that they will feel the holy ghost and except the invitation, and i testify to you that it has worked that we have been led.

The Lord always, and with all my heart i say this, He will always keep his end of the promise. As i have relied on the Lord, i have never been let down, not even once. With sacrifice comes victory, and with the test of faith comes the opening of heavens and an outpouring of miracles and blessings. I know with all my heart that God lives and that he is truly the Father of our spirits, and that he being connected with the deepest points of our hearts knows how to give good gifts to his children, to those that are worthy and faithfully expecting. Expect miracles, but be willing to show forth faith. Before the miracle comes though, be prepared to struggle, to cross paths with the difficult, to see your faith tried, but when that comes continue on and endure with the full expectation that the miracle is waiting just around the corner, and i promise with all my heart with all faith in the Lord that the miracle is just around the corner. Never give up hope, never lose faith.Im learning more here than i could have ever imagined. Life is an interesting experience. There are always new canyons around every corner and great mountains to climb. The trick i have learned is to never stop climbing. The canyons can be deep and hope can look like the small twinkle of light at the end of the tunnel, but never stop climbing, the longer you climb the more distance you put between yourself and the great adversary, and the closer you get at ever step at every foothold, to our Lord and Savior in the kingdom of our Father.

Our questions for Morgan:

Turkey Bowl:Were you the QB of the team? nope i ran and played a little line defense.

How did you all celebrate Turkey day? We ate together as a district at a nicer restaurant

How cool that Elder Rust was playing too. Is he in your zone? Yeah he is, it was so funny because he was so excited when we asked him to play. Funny Funny man I like him.

I love you mom I love you dad I love you whitney and jeff
Im thankful for you prayers for me and the people here.
Dodrz (Endure)
your son and missionary,Morgan