Feb 18, 2010

Feb 18, 2010
Thanks to all the friends who showed up at the airport - we were so surprised to find out how many have been following the blog for 2 years. You all are great!

Elder Nowland and His Friends

Elder Nowland and His Friends
We've Been waiting for you.

26 May 2008

19 May 2008

Here is my letter that i wrote to President Slovaèek: Its a good summary of this week, you've already heard some things but thats ok!

Success this past week has been a wonderful experience. We went through a little bit of a drought where we couldnt get anyone to have interest in the church, we couldnt get numbers, it was just no fun at all. This week was a wonderful eye opener though, first, we were able to meet with our most progressing investigator, and we challenged him to baptism but he wasnt sure he was ready so we ended up giving him the challenge to pray about being baptized into the church and he agreed that he could do that. Then, we had exchanges and i went oput with elder whiting and we had quite an adventure. We contacted many wonderful people who werent interested in the gospel but we were able to have good conversations with them, we taught a lesson to another one of mine and elder turners investigator. That was an interesting axperience because we asked him to pray, and he just started praying, but we had no idea because he was saying the steps that we had taught him out loud and then offering that part of the prayer: for example, he was saying,"First we address God" "Dear father in heaven" "Then we thank him" "Thank you for......" and he went on like that so we thought he was talking to us clarifying what he was supposed to do...haha! it was a funny experience but a really good one because he did pray, and we challenged him to pray everyday so it was a really great lesson. Then on our way home we contacted a guy who ended up being a Slovak, and taught him a lesson ending it with prayer and commitments and everything, it was so cool. But the week Gets better! After we had Zone Conference and Got our Missionary BINGO cards we went out and Tried the Book Of Mormon Bait thing and......It Worked! we had like five benches there was a Book Of Mormon on one bench, then myself, then a bench, then elder turner, then another Book Of Mormon on the last bench. It was so cool, this guy came walking by me first and i asked him how to pronounce a word from the Book Of Mormon, he told me then continued on. He got about ten feet past the last bench, turned around came back, sat on the bench and started reading!!! It was Like a Textbook situation!! It worked perfectly!! Needless to say we now have a new Potential investigator, Elder Turner taught him a lesson right then and there, and i asked two girls how to pronounce another word and then told them why we were there and talked to them about what we believed, It was a good experience for me to be on my own talking with native czechs. Oh and we also prayed with someone on their doorstep, we got this mans number invited him to church and prayed with him on his doorstep!! It was so much Fun!
So i must say that this week has been very exciting, I have a much stronger testimony that unity as a companionship is so key to having success. The Spirit only dwells with missionaries that are unified in the work, and with missionaries who are having fun doing the work. This has been a blessing for my testimony. Elder Turner and myself are having a great time! This Transfer has taught me a lot and Im excited for what is to come.

26 May 2008

Morgan is being transferred to a new city it is Olomouc, Czech Republic. You will still write to the same address. It is said to be one of the most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic. It is in the Moravia area of the Czech Republic. It has history back to 900 AD. He is very excited. His new companion is Elder Chambers who has been in the Czech Republic for 10 months and is from Washington State. Morgan is very excited.

I think that Im really excited for whats to come, but, looking back on this week. We had a lesson with our older investigator. He is progressing rather slowly, but that is ok. We've had three lessons with him, and we are just struggling with getting him to do everything. Then, we had a lesson with our Brand new investigator that we got from our Missionary Bingo activity!! Which turns out will make for a good investigator because he really doesnt have any problems with the doctrine we are teaching it is just that we are going to have to work with him to break his smoking and drinking habits. He is retired and doesnt do much with himself but drink and smoke his sorrows and depressions away. It is really quite sad and scary, but he wants to be happy so that is where we will pull the motivation.
I am having the time of my life here! Im looking forward for all the amazing adventures im going to have and am about to embark on. Something tells me that the time has come for me to make a great change in the work i am doing and in the success i have been having. Im really excited because im ready to start stepping everything up a notch and to start really making things happen here in the Czech Republic, the time is at hand and im ready to go! Im....ahhhh!!! just so ready to start doing things, and to make a change in the work!!

I love you all so much!! today is a little hectic because i have to go and start packing for transfers but expect more next week!!!Yay!

Your one and only son,
with love,


06 May 2008

5 May 2008

Hey Family, Here is what Happened this to Start, Or at least the Highlight.

It's so difficult to know that we have something that is so amazing for eveybody and then to see people just leave as if it were nothing. We have to increase our finding efforts so that we can bring those who are prepared into the Gospel. So that is what we have been doing, but its just hard because we haven't had much luck lately...I think after a week of sincere searching and talking with people we only got two numbers. Although inspite of all these things all i can do is pray for more strength and faith and just keep on keeping on. That is the way of a missionary! Have Faith And Keep on. I am super excited to gain more experience and to be able to teach and preach and work....as Missionaries do. I dont know, This is just an exciting work and I'm looking forward to seeing the church grow by leaps and bounds.
Oh, cool experience though, Elder Turner and myself were at the building waiting for our investigator to show, he was someone that Elder Turner contacted while on exchanges. It was about 15 minutes after 6. Our meeting was scheduled for 6 so we were deciding to leave when Elder Turner had to use the restroom...I was thinking oh no what will I do if our investigator comes while Elder Turner is away, just as i was thinking that a man sort of apprehensively comes walking up to the door, so i let him in not knowing what our investigator looks like...We'll the man tells me that he is Self-investigating the church and that he wants a Book of Mormon in czech because he went to the library and all they had were copies in english so i gave him one. Then, Best Part Yet! He asks me if he can come to Church on Sunday....Im thinking to myself [WOW!] and what did i say,....Of Course you Can! So i Tell him the Times and that I will Keep an eye out for him and find him on Sunday....At that time Elder Turner Comes back and we have ourselves a new Potential investigator. Well He Comes to church and, We now have a lesson set up with him for Sunday at 6. It was truly the work of God. I am so Blessed to be a part of this work, it is absolutely wonderful. So Things are Going Well. I can See the light at the end of the Tunnel!

Now For Questions

Did you get the package I sent? Not Yet
Did it have everything in it? Ja nevim je¹tì - I dont know yet
Have you found a new backpack yet? nope i will be getting one today though
What brand and color did you get? It will Probably be a Deuter
Have you bought any cool ties yet? Nope Not Yet, I will be doinng that today (Hopefully ) as well
How is it going with your investigators? Yes and No...We have a hard time meeting with any one investigator more than once a week. I will Keep you updated

Are there anymore details regarding MY mother's day call? "ICW" (I can't wait) Basically it is what i already sent you. They havent given us any new information...just to have you call at the time i told you before which was like 1 o'clock(7 o'clock my time), elder turners parents are calling at 9 our time, and we have 1 hour to talk. i gave you the number you need to dial, the last 6 numbers are the numbers that reach our actual phone.

But yeah have questions ready to ask me, and it will be good!!! yay! Im excited ! It will be fun.

I Got a letter from Erin the other day and im sending a bunch of letters today,...but i have not heard from Kailey, and i sent her a letter right when i got here in Prague so its been a month...Im not worried about it...Shelby and Erin write to me so that is good.

I'm curious how the house has changed, oh let me know what your plans are about selling the house? I'm having Fun, Prague Is Beautiful! We will definatley come in the Spring. It is a little before tourism hits like crazy...so it will be good

I love you bunches, I will be on the computer for another 30 min or so...so ask questions if you need.

With Love,
Your one and only Son

Star¹i Morgan Nowland