Feb 18, 2010

Feb 18, 2010
Thanks to all the friends who showed up at the airport - we were so surprised to find out how many have been following the blog for 2 years. You all are great!

Elder Nowland and His Friends

Elder Nowland and His Friends
We've Been waiting for you.

18 August 2008

18 August 2008

Zdravím Vás, Rodinu (Greetings to you all, Family) I cant wait to see all the super cool pictures from the wedding. It will probably be best if you could print them off and send them to me. I Wish whitney and Jeff the best. And gladly welcome jeff into the family as our newest member. Who knows how long he will hold that title.....until a new littler munchkin will take over that title? But i wanted to tell everyone that im doing most fine here in Olomouc, CR.
The spirit is so strong with missionaries. Missionaries have so much more help than they realize. Elder Wilding and I have come to realize that everyday we can see miracles. Every day! It's such a wonderful experience to be able to see a life change and grow closer to God. It is an indescribable emotion and feeling to watch someone give up everything they've ever known to chase and desire and search after truth.
I need to figure out what I can do to get more of our investigators to church. It is proving to be a bit harder of a task for me than I originally thought. We had three investigators lined up to come. Unfortunately, they didn't pull through. So as a companionship we are going to work on what we can do to make that happen. On a personal level, I'm really starting to enjoy the Czech language which is really good because it is giving me that stronger desire to study the language and improve my skills in it. The only problem I'm running into is that there are so many things that I want to improve on that I'm running myself in more directions than I can handle so I'm really working on taking a step back and focusing in on the things that I feel are most important at this time.
As a companionship we are starting to get a hold on things. We really want to get our new investigator level up so we are really working on working by the spirit when it comes to finding those who have been prepared to hear the message. I'm seeing and feeling things and working in ways that I have never thought were possible for me to work. I'm starting to realize the power of the priesthood and how it helps me in all aspects of life. The power of God is truly here on the earth and I am so lucky to be apart of it and be able to use it. Now, I just need to share it.

And for the questions:

1. Did you finally get your next package? nope i only got the one with the CD's2. How many were at church this past week? about 20 ish
I love you all so much and will fill you in more on what is happening here after i buy some new batteries.
Im really getting into books. Ive been buying old czech books mainly just bibles. But it is fun!

Quick question. im having trouble teaching word of wisdom when it comes to Coffee so If you could can you send me stuff about what makes coffee so bad for our bodies other than caffeine. Thanks bunches

Take care you always have my best wishes im always praying for you and everyone back home.

Your one and only missionary son,
Starší Morgan Nowland

04 August 2008

04 Aug 2008

I'm really looking forward to a transfer filled with excitement and success. Elder Wilding and I have already seen some great success here in Olomouc. We have set some goals in place and are really looking forward to accomplishing them.
The first few times we were out contacting this week were really rough, it was shut-down after shut-down. But we kept at it. We kept talking to people trying to figure out how we can really get across to them how happy they will be if they will just listen to our message. So, we went home a couple of nights empty handed. It was hard, but finally on Sunday we saw the blessings of our hard work and determination. We talked with three people on Sunday and two of them became potential investigators. We got their numbers and set-up a follow-up appointment. And with one of them we taught a lesson and gained a new investigator so that was pretty awesome!
I'm realy starting to see how great getting rejected is, because I know that after all the rejection comes a wave of blessings! It is really interesting and cool how that works, how the Lord gives us trials to test our faith and humble us and then blesses us in ways greater than we can imagine.

Over and out,
Starší Nowland


Do you have a lot in common? yeah we like the same music and both want to be sound recording engineers, he had a more successful band than i had before the mission, he toured and everything!!
How is the language coming along? its still coming. slowly though
How's the teaching pool? its ok bigger than most but its hitting a downslope right now
Are you still having fun? I really am

I love you all tons, take care, and keep me updated on the wedding!!!!!

your syn (son),

Starší Nowland