Feb 18, 2010

Feb 18, 2010
Thanks to all the friends who showed up at the airport - we were so surprised to find out how many have been following the blog for 2 years. You all are great!

Elder Nowland and His Friends

Elder Nowland and His Friends
We've Been waiting for you.

30 June 2008

30 June 2008

Hey! my loving family, Alright so ive reorganized myself so that i wont forget to tell you about important things that happen during the week, and i will be making recordings of all those important things. So you should have everything that has happened to me or is worth writing about in those recordings.
This week went very nicely. It was a wonderful week to be able to serve. First, on Tuesday we traveled to Zlin for exchanges with the elders there. While there, myself and Elder Chambers were able to find a new investigator for Elder Topp and Roberts. The next morning we had studies and then went out and Elder Topp and I were able to find another new investigator. Elder Topp let me take the reigns. I contacted this gentleman on the side of the road and we taught him right then and there. It was an eye opening experience for me to find someone and teach them while we were still standing on the side of the road. We shared the first vision and gave him a challenge to meet with us again. It was so cool because we got his number and committed him to hearing more the coming Friday. Then after returning home we went out and contacted this group of 3 guys who looked a little sketchy, they looked like gangsters, but sat with us and listened while we taught a first lesson and some of the second lesson. After that we went to have a lesson with our investigator at her work and ended up teaching…well four of her co-workers sat and listened to us but two of them were really responsive, and were asking questions and talking quite a bit about God and what they believe and were sincerely curious about what we believed. We had a successful Family Home Evening…well there were only five members there but they said that it was one of the better Family Home Evening's that they had been too. I am doing wonderful , I'm setting new goals for myself to become a stronger more capable missionary, I feel like I have wasted a lot of time worrying about some selfish reasons for why I'm not doing better as a missionary, and now am seeing the light.

It is soo nice to get a letter from each of you. I really appreciate seeing both of your personalities come out in your letters, and it is good to have multiple accounts of events, it helps me understand a little better, because you both write about different aspects....Its like reading the scriptures, instead of having four accounts from Matt, Mark, Luke, and John. I have two accounts from Susan and Jeff...aka...Mom and Dad.

I hope my letters and voice files and pictures fill you in on all the things that you would like to know. If they don't then just let me know and i can modify and add more.

In my personal Study of the scriptures right , I'm using the book ,"The life and teachings of Christ and His Apostles"..It is really good because it is taking me through the life of Christ chronologically using the four gospels.

I love you sooo much and hope that you enjoy yourselves at home...look forward to seeing the pictues!!!

Much love, your one and only missionary son,


02 June 2008

09 June 2008

So this week in the life of Morgan Carney:

I have now been to three different cities since i have been here in my new area in Olomouc, because Elder Chambers is the Zone Leader here i get to travel with him to check up on the other missionaries in the zone so on Tuesday we traveled to an area called Zlin and helped the elders there find some new investigators, spent the night in Zlin and then got up and took off to Ostrava, all of our distanced traveling that we do is by train which is a blast because you get to see the Czech countryside!! it is so pretty, for the most part. While in Ostrava i went on exchanges with Elder Price (he is my mtc group) it was a blast because we went out contacting and had some good success. Heres the story:

So we started off with the goal to go out and find three potential investigators, sad to say, after talking to about four people with rejections from all, we didnt think that we could accomplish this goal with only 45 min left to find people. So we decided to shrink our goal back to getting one solid number from someone. The Lord must haVE BEEN DISSAPPOINTED WITH OUR LACK OF FAITH BUT WANTED TO SHOW US THAT EVEN THOUGH WE WERE YOUNG WE COULD HAVE AS (sorry hit the caps lock on accident) good of success as the more fluent elders. so Right after we set the goal to just get one person this young guy with red hair comes walking up the road, we stop him and talk to him for like ten minutes about the gospel, get this he was a believer already and was interested in knowing more. So we got his number and continued on with about 30 minutes left, we talked to a few people with no success, then came across a young kid with his dog as we were making our way back to the other elders and sisters. We told him what we were about as we walked with him, needless to say he had no interest at all in the gospel, it wasnt for him he said. Well we just kept walking with him and ended up talking about his dog and what he likes to do in his free time, also he helped us with our czech...that was way sweet! so we continued walking and talking with him for like 30 min, it was super cool, just getting to know him. But at the end, when it was time for us to head back, i just said to him hey look your a really good guy and we would like to talk with you more, but we are missionaries, that is why we are here, to teach about Jesus Christ, Can we meet with you and talk about what we believe? .....And he said yes! he wanted to sit and talk right then but we knew that we had to go so we got his phone number and set up a later appointment with him that coming friday..! it was so sweet!! we said bye and then took off back to the other missionaries because we were about 15 past ,...or so we thought, we got back and they said that we still had time, we were a little bummed because we could have taught a lesson, but we went back out with high hopes because we could actually get the goal of three potentials that day...so we took off and were searching for that person, the person who wanted to hear the gospel,...about ten minutes of no success went by, we talked with a guy who was a business teacher in chicago but he wasnt interested. We were on our way back again, when we stopped a lady, she was a bit older but was religious and believed in God and Jesus Christ already...SWEET!!!...she didnt want to hear too much about the gospel but we were able to invite here to english class and got a solid commitment out of her to come.....All in all it was successful, and we have only been in the country for 2 months!! It was amazing and a great showing of the Lords hand in our lives, It really strengthened my faith.

Oh we missed the train we were supposed to catch to get home so we had to take another which was a bit more expensive, but it was sweet it is called a Pandalino, we got treated like Royalty i think because its a business travelers train but also because we were in Whites shirts and ties.

That was the big excitment for this week...oh yeah and the two people that we commited to baptism (Vladimir and Mila)...well now we are teaching his mother!! And I think she will eventually be baptized too...because Vladimir is super solid!! He wants to be baptized sooner that the date we set!!!

Alright, now time for questions:

1. How was the little branch there in Olomouc? Or is it called a district?
A. Its a branch and it is doing very well we've had a good solid 25-30 people both weeks ive been here

2. Did you say you had a CD player? If so, I will try and get a copy of the songs from this years EFY.
A. yeah i do have a cd player so you can send cds if you would like

3. Does Elder Chambers need anything?
A. no he is good he says

Well that is pretty much all ive got for now, im sorry i dont have any voice recordings for this week but i really havent had time we are just always going and teaching and by the time we get home we are rushing to get stuff done before bed.

Take care this coming week, much love, your son

Starši Nowland

16 June 2008

Well it has yet again been another week that has absolutely flown by. Mission time is really starting to fly by. I can't believe how long I have already been away. It is really amazing here, almost everyday whenever I walk through a Namesti I think to myself....Wow, there is no way that I am actually here right now, I can't believe my home is back across the Atlantic Ocean! It is really quite mind boggling, because how many people when they are growing up around the years of fifteen to eighteen actually think that when they are nineteen that they will be living in a foreign country communicating and talking with people.! Its funny because currently I'm living in the country that everyone else from all over the world is coming to visit. It really is pretty magical here... Its going to be a scary day when I have to think that I am going to be leaving this place,.. when I'm going to be leaving this country... thats why I'm not going to think about it too much. Time is so precious, and yet everyday I see it getting smaller and smaller. Days just don't last as long as they used to. The hardest part about being a missionary is that I see peoples lives just wasting away, Time just walks past them and they don't even notice it...Always cherish time, and make the most of it. I've really began to see how limited time is, and it's scary because I'm afraid to sleep for fear that I will wake up on the plane ride home.

Love you soo much, the work is progressing, and it will pick up! These people aren't going to know what hit them! This gospel will move forth. Expect the unexpected!

Your Son,

Star¹i Nowland (Ted´zemì) our last name in Czech )

2 June 2008

Hey Family,

I hope things are going swell back in georgia. ...please send pictures, i love to look at pictures, they are a lot of fun.

Ok so a lot of stuff that i would be sending in this email, i have put into my voice files so listen to those first.
But as For Your Questions:

1. How did you get to Olomouc? BY TRAIN!!!! it was just like Harry Potter!!!! It was so cool. I got to see the country side, BEAUTIFUL!!!

2. Were you by yourself? Nope, i was with elders Reichman and Price

3. How is your new companion? He is sweet i talk about him in my voice files

he lived in Marietta, Georgia for a while - that is cool 2 southern boys.

4. How was it moving with your suitcases for the first time? not too bad, it was a little hectic in Prague

5. Did you leave anything behind? A few ties i didnt want

6. How is the new apartment? it is huge, i talk about it in my voice files

Things are really going great, im having soo much fun here i absolutely love it in Olomouc!!! This place is like a diamond in the rough, we will definately be coming here after the misie (mission)

I love you and look forward to hearing about the house and how you all are doing. I talked about a few things that i could use in my last voice file. I love you all so much and hope that you are enjoying yourselves.

Much Love,

Your son Morgan