Feb 18, 2010

Feb 18, 2010
Thanks to all the friends who showed up at the airport - we were so surprised to find out how many have been following the blog for 2 years. You all are great!

Elder Nowland and His Friends

Elder Nowland and His Friends
We've Been waiting for you.

26 October 2009

Pictures in Ceske Budejovice Oct 2009

Pictures Elder Nowland sent me this week
without any labels, so I am left to guess...

Sauerkraut and ?

Elder Pearson

The bus stop perhaps?

Elder Pearson, Elder Vivona (looks like he
needs a jacket), Elder Hill & Elder Nowland
are they trying to look like a boy band or what?

That pose has Elder Nowland's name written
all over it.

Another castle...

Elder Nowland in a goofy face in front of the
castle with Elder Pearson

The city square of Ceske Budejovice

Fountain in Ceske Budejovice

Could this possibly be the NORMAL
picture of Elder Nowland that I have
been begging for with his companion,
Elder Pearson. Wonder how long it
will be before I get another normal
face picture?

See I told you it wouldn't last long.

The boy is NOT NORMAL

Need I say anything more. LOL.

Posin' again for the Missionary Boy Band -
who knows?

Until next time - and we never know what
that may bring now do we? But we wouldn't
change him for anything. Life is never dull in
the Nowland home.
He always makes fun of the antics of his
dad - the apple does not fall far from the tree
now does it?